Residential Fencing

PSG - Residential Fencing

Our residential fencing options are virtually limitless. We offer chain link, vinyl, wood, and iron fencing in a variety of styles and appearances. Our products are purchased factory direct, which ensures a consistently high degree of quality and provides us with more competitive pricing that we are happy to pass on to our customers.

Chain link fence is affordable, durable, and requires very little maintenance. It is an economical product that is family and pet friendly. Galvanized chain link fencing is perfect for enclosing a large area. It can also be “dressed up” in black, green, or brown coating to blend in with the surroundings. It is a great way to reduce costs while maintaining aesthetics and functionality.

Wood fence is the traditional, classic approach to fencing. It comes in a variety of styles ranging from privacy to picket. We use a rough sawn cedar product that provides a natural look for your property. Wood fencing requires periodic maintenance to enhance its appearance and lifespan.

Vinyl fence is weather resistant and has an increased durability that is hard to beat. Vinyl fencing is available in privacy, picket and ranch rail style. It also comes with a limited lifetime warranty from the manufacturer. Additionally, vinyl fencing is available in a variety of colors, allowing it to become an extension of your home.

Iron fence offers a unique character and curb appeal to your home. Many styles offer elegance that cannot be found with other fence styles. It is low maintenance and immediately highlights the uniqueness of your home and property.

If you are a homeowner seeking the security and privacy of fencing, our options are virtually limitless. For more information on available choices and to find the right fence for you, please contact one of our friendly and experienced fence specialists today. Let PSG work with you on your project and enjoy peace of mind.